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Thought AI transforms the traditional software application paradigm

By embedding every piece of information and data with Artificial Intelligence, we make the traditional application software layer redundant and create a lean adaptive AI infrastructure.

Solutions for Every Type of Business

Our platform makes every piece of information self-aware by embedding it with AI. Thought AI network’s goal-oriented structure is one of our guiding principles. Information understands its own goals and understands how to manage its goal set conflicts. No matter the type of work, your information and data needs to accomplish, giving it a little Thought will streamline the process.

Below are a few implementations of our platform.


Thought AI can protect database data. 100% of data can be encrypted as self-aware information. This information can contain logic that, if stolen, would alert a predefined person or entity that it was stolen. The self-aware information can determine if it is not in its correct location and spawn an alert to its original facility.

Distributed Algorithms

There are many forms of distributed analytics and they are usually implemented in a clustered computing environment. These are fixed, in-place solutions requiring permanent compute resources, installation, configuration, and management. In contrast, Thought can provide a data-defined solution will provide the compute capability required to execute analytics and deliver information in an organized package.

Unified Information


Thought AI's network can enable intra-industry communication and information exchange, as well as enable granular insight of large real-time data streams and historical data sets. Self-aware information flows and processes can form an end-to-end continuity of value. Thought AI's universal information exchange will integrate your data, generate new revenue streams, cost savings, and quality life improvements.


Thought provides a means to leverage the significant opportunity to engage with the individual patient more closely and import information from mobile health applications or connected devices. This interaction with the patient will result in the collection of more detailed clinical, environmental, and lifestyle information. Thought AI's network can provide HIPAA compliant information right from the source using a multilayered encryption framework that will fully encrypt patient information.

Ready To Get Started?

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