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Thought AI Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

Powered by patented AI technology, our next-gen AI agents and neural computing provide industry-leading adaptive AI that self-assembles and self-optimizes algorithms for any business case.

Unlock the Future with Adaptive AI

It takes a paradigm-shifting approach to AI to make sense of the explosion of data.

The Thought Adaptive AI platform is based on individual pieces of self-aware information. Data and AI merge to remove layers of complexity from the traditional application stack that queries large pools of data. In the Thought paradigm, data travels through networks without the need to be routed through servers, stored in data centers, and compiled and sifted through by big data analytics. 

The New Way: No Application Needed






The Old Way

Thought AI's next-gen AI agents are called Nuances and are the vehicles for transporting, organizing, sending, analyzing, and tracking data across the network. They are intelligent and encoded with AI capabilities that allow them to "understand" how to behave. Nuances intelligently gather and flow through the network in the most efficient way possible. 


Technology Stack


Information Layer - Nuances and Concepts that control the compute layer through the Fabric



Fabric Layer - Thought software abstraction layer



Computer Layer - All computer resources that are joined to the network

Compute Layer

The Compute Layer consists of all computer resources available to Thought AI's network, for example, servers, storage, mobile devices, and sensors. Computer resources can participate as long as they can run the Node software.

Fabric Layer

The Fabric Layer facilitates the activity of the network. This is where Nuances accomplish their goals. The physical components from the Compute Layer are represented here so they can communicate across the layers.

Information Layer

The Information Layer is made of Nuances. Nuances perform their function through cooperative action within the Fabric Layer.


To accomplish their goals, Nuances flow through the Fabric which consists of distributed nodes. Nodes act as gathering places for Nuances and allow Nuances to access features specific to that Node. Nodes have their own unique Components and Capabilities.

This is what makes the system efficient. Nuances can meld data, logic, and security to enable the processing of information, leveraging blockchain for immutable structure and validation processes. Swarms of Nuances can interact in and across Nodes for maximum efficiency.


Nuance (Self Aware Data)


Interaction between Swarms

Interaction between Swarms

Fabric Node

Nuances are able to copy, exchange, or swap information with other Nuances. Nuances collect information about the Fabric to select their own destination. Nuances seek the best performance in fulfilling their goals and work together, similarly to how birds flock to find an optimal place to roost.


A Data Landscape

Nuances spawned from Concepts with AI looking for broad patterns

Nuances spawned from Concepts with AI to accumulate records according to strict similarities

The two layers of Nuances communicate and spontaneously link to discover insights

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